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I began my study of psychology in 1988 at Columbia College in New York City. Since then, I have studied early childhood development, received investment and insurance licenses, and earned my MA in Counseling with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. I have done post-grad continuing education with some of the leaders in the field of attachment work, neuroscience, and couples counseling.

I explored many careers before becoming a therapist — and all of them are part of the patchwork that makes up who I am now.  I do not have this life figured out but I do appreciate and savor the journey.

I saw my first clients in the summer of 2006 and knew immediately that I would focus exclusively on helping people build better relationships. You can feel sure when you step into my office that I will work with you to improve your connection and communication with other humans and that I bring all of my focus and drive to that end.

Why the name Turnstone Counseling? I get that question a lot so I’ve written a bit about it HERE.

Here are some articles I’ve written that will give you a feel for my couples counseling style. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter by clicking HERE. I write about money, parenting, divorce, blended families, sex — all the complications that come with being in a relationship!

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“We always think we are at the end of our discoveries. We never are. We go on discovering that we are this, that, and other things, and sometimes we have astounding experiences”.   – C.G. Jung

2207 NE Broadway St., #350, Portland, OR 97232

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